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La Paz Bolivia.

La Paz Bolivia also known as “Nuestra Señora de La Paz” (Our Lady of Peace – in English) is often referred to as just “La Paz” (The Peace – in English) is one of the two capital cities in the country, the other one is Sucre. This city is also one of the nine Bolivian government departments which include; Tarija, Pando, Beni, Cochabamba, Potosi, Oruro, Chuquisaca, and Santa Cruz. Contrary to what many people believe La Paz is NOT the capital of Bolivia, Sucre is (see why below).


Desaguadero (Spanish for "channel, drain for drawing off superfluous water") or Chaka Marka (Aymara and Quechua for "bridge village") is a town on the Bolivian-Peruvian border. On the Bolivian side it is situated in the La Paz Department, Ingavi Province, Desaguadero Municipality, Desaguadero Canton. On the Peruvian side it lies in the Puno Region, Chucuito Province, Desaguadero District. Both parts of the town are united by a binational bridge. The town is located 86 km from La Paz, 146 km from Puno city and 190 km from Juliaca Airport.


The city of Puno is located in the south east corner of Peru, on the shores of the magnificent Lake Titicaca and only 126km from the frontier with Bolivia. At 3,809m in altitude, Puno is a rather cold and bleak town surrounded by the desolate altiplano (or high plateau). It is not so much a destination in itself but a necessary stop on the way to visit the islands on Lake Titicaca, or when crossing the border to Bolivia. Puno is, however, a melting pot of Indian cultures including the Aymara from the south and the Quechua from the north. This has earned Puno the title of 'Folkloric Capital of Peru' which it lives up to well with its huge number and variety of traditional fiestas, dances and music.

Cusco Peru.

The city of Cusco is the capital of the department of Cusco and is located in the valley of the Huatanay River in the south east Andean mountain range at an altitude of 3,350 meters or 11,200 feet above sea level. Cusco is located within the latitude and longitude of 13° 30′ 45″ S, 71° 58′ 33″W. Since the mid 1990s and with the decline of terrorist activity in the country, tourism has greatly increased and it is estimated that around 1.5 million tourists visit Cusco every year, the city has become the main tourist attraction in Peru and one of the most visited cities in South America.


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