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  All the facts and tips about Peru we suggest you know before making your trip to Peru. Exchange rates, health services, security, embassies, customs, emergencies, medical assistance... Peru is a friendly country, but, as anywhere else, precautions are always important to take. Let's help you to find out how you can visit... More






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Terms and Conditions

1. The contract between the Client and Inti Light Adventures International Group Inc.

a. To secure a booking with Inti Light Adventures International Group Inc., the client must deposit 60% of total amount due. Minimum deposit is $300 and this amount is non-refundable. Clients booking by telephone, facsimile or email will be deemed to have read the booking conditions and signed the booking form.

b. A booking is accepted and becomes definite only from the date Inti Light Adventures International Group Inc. has confirmed acceptance and issued a confirmation invoice. It is at this point that a binding contract between Inti Light Adventures International Group Inc. and the Client comes into existence.

c. The contract is between Inti Light Adventures International Group Inc. and the Client, being all persons named on the booking form. The person signing the booking form, warrants that he/she has full authority on behalf of all the persons whose names appear thereon, and confirms that all such persons are fully aware of and accept these conditions.

Can make the reserves by phone, via fax or e-mail, to our office:
Inti Light Adventures International Group Inc,

Name: Inti Light Adventures International Group Inc,
Adress: Av. Ejercito N° 100
Telephone: (51-84) 984625171 (24 hours)
Emergency: 96650
Skype: perucusco
E-mail: /

Itineraries are planned with the travellers in-put and even though a great care is taken to comply with those details, due to operation procedures it may be necessary to change the order of the itineraries activities, be it for reasons such as natural disasters, social issues, strikes, etc...In such cases, transportation modes in the regions where the itinerary may take place could be suspended completely. For unexpected upheavals, the operational department together with the operators and the travellers will consult to make the required adjustments.

Ticket prices are subject to availability and change without previous notification until the tickets have been printed and paid. The air-line and flight number are subject to change by the air-line until the date of departure. Some restrictions apply: lost tickets are non-refundable; fines and fees may be levied by the air-line.

Changes may occur that provoke modifications, such as an airport fee or tourist services taxes. If the modifications provoke a cost that exceeds the travellers’ expenses by more than 10%, the client may cancel the reservation without penalty as long as the cancellation is written and sent to Inti Light Adventures International Group Inc, within 48 hours from the notification of travel expense changes to the client. In any other case, it is assumed that the client agrees to the modifications).

Whatever modification to the reservation that the client solicits must be made within 15 work days (Individual travellers) or 30 days (group) of anticipation On the contrary, Inti Light Adventures International Group Inc, reserves the right to accept or decline solicited modifications according to the availability of the tourist businesses that lend accommodations travel operators and transportation. Reservation changes after the 15 business days of anticipation will not be accepted. Inti Light Adventures International Group Inc,could substitute part of the itineraries plans or hotels for others in the same category owing to reasonable circumstances however if Inti Light Adventures International Group Inc, is not able to provide to the client an essential part of the services, or offer an alternative solution without additional cost to the travellers. Additionally if the changes affected result in an inferior quality of service than those originally offered the travellers will be compensated. If the client cannot complete the itinerary for personal reasons or illness, another trip may be substituted as long as there is sufficient notification the 15 labour days before the beginning of the trip. This will only be in relation to lodging and tours and will not refer to services to the Inca trail, airline tickets, train tickets and bus tickets. Those expenditures may only be recuperated by the traveller and will need to be charged additional for further penalties incurred by cancellations, name changes, etc...

Annulments and reimbursements: All notification of annulments must be sent in writing, include all pertinent information and will thusly be attended within 24 hours by the department of operations. If the annulment is received within 30 labour days before the date of arrival of the client, the trip deposit will be reimbursed excepting a fee of US$25 for administrative expenditures and by the same method that the payment was made. If the annulment is received within 29-16 labour days before the date of arrival of the client, we reserve the right to retain the half of the deposit and the US$25 administrative fee. There is no refund for those cancellations after 15 labour days of the date of arrival.
Group cancellations: A 60 Labour Day warning of cancellation before the date of arrival of the group is necessary in order to receive full reimbursement. Within 59-31 labour days of anticipation all rights reserved to maintain the half of the deposit. No refund is applicable after 30 labour days of anticipation. NOTE: Certain service providers have more rigorous standards according to their cancellation policy with groups. Thus, with the reservations of groups that exceed 10 passengers, service providers have the right to levy a penalty of 45% with 90 days of anticipation and 100% penalty for those that cancel with 30 days of anticipation before the date of the tour. During high season (July-September), Best Andes Travel reserves the right to change cancellation policies if the service providers apply a assortment of penalties to those enumerated. Cancellation policies are subject to service charges on the Inca trail as it is the most rigorous service provider for levying fees and which is managed by MC: Ministerio de Cultura. Said institution and its service providers reserve the right to change policies and if said change is incurred, Inti Light Adventures International Group Inc, will assume the same policies. The travellers is informed if, after having accepted the packaged date and payment for service of the Inca Trail, there is no possibility of itinerary changes, such as: modification of date, passport change, passenger substitution, cancellations for personal impediments, etc…Inti Light Adventures International Group Inc, cannot offer any kind of reimbursement for previously indicated reasons. If the travellers, due to chance or circumstances beyond control, cannot realize their trip, they must send solicitude of reimbursement in writing before the administrative authority, unrelated to Inti Light Adventures International Group Inc,. Any modification or cancellation must be notified to the Department of Operations and within 24 hours will be confirmed. During high season, Inti Light Adventures International Group Inc, reserves the right to change annulment policies, restrictions and penalties in accordance with the providers of air-line tickets, hotels and other travel services.

All taxes are indicated in US dollars and are subject to change without prior notification. The tax is per person in regards to a double room unless other specifications are indicated. Once the reservation is confirmed and services paid, the prices are guaranteed.

All solicited services will be reserved with a down payment of 50% of total service cost. The credit card PayPal, a business of eBay and an international leader in regards to solutions with internet payments and more than 71 million accounts in the world is a feasible option. Our business counts on the services of PayPal to receive payments via internet and the on-line system is free and easy. Security is guaranteed and only one email address is necessary, along with a credit or debit card. The support of PayPal allows us to offer maximum security with payments via internet.
A bank transfer is also an option. We invite you to send us a copy of your transfer via on the internet so that we can monitor the reception of the payment via our bank.

Account Number: 285 -
Address: 270 Sol Avenue
Cercado – Cusco – Peru
Telephone: 51-1-562-1967

Inti Light Adventures International Group Inc, assumes responsibility for all travelers’ plans concerning transportation, lodging and other required tourist services. Inti Light Adventures International Group Inc, does not assume responsibility for accidents, loss of personal objects, interferences with the tour for reasons of natural disasters or other reasons that do not have to do with the service offering of Inti Light Adventures International Group Inc,. Inti Light Adventures International Group Inc, does not assume responsibility of disruptions or hold-ups pertaining to intermediary tourist service operators. Inti Light Adventures International Group Inc, is not responsible for illnesses, physical or mental impediments that could endanger the health or integrity of the travellers or third parties during the realization of the trip. No reimbursement will be realized due to said concepts mentioned above. We ask that you please notify us of any limitations of this kind beforehand so that we can recommend specific services that offer the most beneficial services in such cases. In case of any inconvenience or complaint with the services, please inform us within 24 hours after the act occurred. After this time interval we cannot accept any complaint. You may contact us at or call our emergency number. +5184984625171

Inti Light Adventures recommends that each client present their personal documents beforehand: correct names, passports in order, personal documents, etc…to avoid any problems upon arrival to any location.

Reservations will be accepted according to the availability of all transport, lodging and service providers, who will provide a final confirmation to the travellers.

Some services may be shared if other groups are available to combine. Groups may be from 4-15 individuals in Spanish or English. For some itineraries, shared transport service may be in local buses. Private services is a personalized service in accordance to the quantity of solicited passengers and may be guided in the solicited language (English, French, German, Japanese, Russian or other). Qualified, professional guides may be solicited who have an extensive formation in the tourism trade in a wide variety of languages.


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