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  All the facts and tips about Peru we suggest you know before making your trip to Peru. Exchange rates, health services, security, embassies, customs, emergencies, medical assistance... Peru is a friendly country, but, as anywhere else, precautions are always important to take. Let's help you to find out how you can visit... More









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Tours in Groups

Specialists in Group Tours to Peru
Peru is a country that will both astound and inspire you. Not even the Inca warriors could dominate the amazing terrain that surrounds the Andean mountain rage. Peru has diversity like no other country, from its coastal deserts to its hot rain forests in the Amazon basin. Whether you are interested in hiking the legendary Inca trail to Machu Picchu or exploring the historical ruins that outline the Sacred Valley, it is sure to be an experience of a lifetime.

The Best Flights to Peru on Guaranteed Dates
We have exceptionally close relationships with many International air carriers, including LAN and TACA. In addition, many US carriers that we work closely with offer excellent connections into all parts of Peru. All of these choices allow us to find your group the very best flights and fares, with minimal connections in order to make your trip less time-consuming and stressful. We strive to make your transfers as efficient as possible, without the unnecessary stress and increased cost of tiring, time-consuming journeys.
Inti Light Adventures always guarantees your tour dates and you will know your proposed flight schedule and routing as much as 11 months in advance of your tour!

Thematic Travel in Peru
In Peru, we aim whenever possible to provide a thematic context to your tour. Our more popular themes there are (Ancient Civilization), (Andean Agriculture), (Legacy of the Inca’s), and (Resources of the Andean People). We try to carefully design a tour that fits the precise needs of your group. We work hard to create the most beneficial and interactive learning options that are both engaging and easy to follow.
All Inti Light Adventures, are highly customizable to fit your educational themes and priorities, ensuring you get the very best out of your travel experience.

Our Inti Light Adventures, Manager/Guides in Peru
As we all know, there can be a few bumps in even the smoothest of roads. While we strive to ensure none pop up on your tour, you can relax knowing that your exclusive Inti Light Adventures International Group Inc, Manager/Guide is there if they do.
In Peru, your Tour Manager/Guide will live locally and be fluent in both Spanish and English. He or she will be with you 24 hours a day, from airport arrival to departure, in order to confirm reservations, help you get from place to place, and suggest free-time and evening activities that meet your group’s needs and budget. Inti Light Adventures Manager/Guides are continuously evaluated and only those with the highest recommendations from our groups are permitted to stay with us.
We hand-pick each Inti Light Adventures Guide to make certain they meet our exacting standards.

The Expertise and Perspective of Local Guides in Peru
Never underestimate the value of expertise, especially when it is shared willingly with eager learners of any age. For this reason, Inti Light Adventures strives to provide you with specialist local guides at the most important sites on your itinerary. These local specialists are in addition to the 24-hour presence of your exclusive Tour Manager/Guide. Each if them is trained to impart even the tiniest detail of their particular area of expertise. In Peru, we generally plan for you to have a local guide with you at some point every other day, excluding arrival and departure days. You can designate those sites where you would like to have a specialist guide and tell us whether you would prefer them to present an academic or a cultural emphasis that focuses on the specific theme of your tour.
A Balance of Educational Visits, Cultural Experiences, and Recreational Activities
Balance is essential, not only in life, but also on a great tour. Inti Light Adventures International Groups Inc, makes every effort to achieve that balance by offering a variety of recreational and cultural activities to complement the educational opportunities along your tour. It may be Walking Tours, National Park Visits, Folk Dancing, Cooking lessons, or Ancient Trail Hikes; we have many different options for fun, exciting experiences while in Peru.

Click here for our Cross-Cultural Connections, where you will find a comprehensive list of the recreational and cultural opportunities available in Peru and South America.

Our Accommodations and Meals in Peru
Inti Light Adventures International Groups Inc, chooses 3-star and 4-star hotels as standard, but you are always free to request alternate accommodation for your group. Each hotel is evaluated following each stay and we continue to use only those who are consistently rated highly by our groups. When possible, we prefer to use smaller, family owned hotels as opposed to giant concrete monoliths. Please feel free to ask for a list of sample hotels in the area your group will be travelling.

As part of our educational travel philosophy, we always strive to give our groups extensive exposure to the local people and culture. Part of that experience is, of course, sampling the local cuisine. Therefore, unless you request it, your Inti Light Adventures International Groups Inc, will not include a lot of American chain restaurants. For dinner, you will sample regional cuisine, either in your hotel or in neighbourhood restaurants.
This means that as much as possible, we will have meals in local restaurants away from the hotels for an authentic dining experience.

All Admissions Are Included in Peru
A standard Inti Light Adventures International Groups Inc, Tour includes the cost of all admissions, excursions and cultural activities. There are never any optional excursions or activities. We feel that if you have come the distance to be here, you should have the opportunity to enjoy as much as you can without having to reach into your pocket again. In addition, Inti Light Adventures is one of very few operators who will pre-book your group into as many major attractions as we can.

Pre-booking ensures that we always receive group admission rates, we can pay them in advance, and your group can bypass the lines. This unparalleled level of service and value has come to be expected by group leaders choosing Inti Light Adventures International Group Inc, as their tour operator.

Undiscovered Jewels and Hidden Treasures in Peru
Because Inti Light Adventures International Groups Inc is a custom tour operator, we can offer you tremendous flexibility in your itinerary. We can mold your schedule to your specific, detailed needs. So we would be delighted to take you to any of the “hidden treasures” around Peru not always found on a standard itinerary.

Whether you would like to spend time hiking Inca trails, exploring ancient ruins, or experiencing local life and customs, just let us know where you want to go and we will ensure you get there.

Your tour is truly your tour with Inti Light Adventures International Groups Inc,!
Register to plan an educational tour to Peru, either online or by calling +5184984625171. Start planning your group travel program today!

See the latest offers for escorted tour holidays.

Lima: 1 night
Sacred Valley: 2 nights
Machu Picchu: 1 night
Cuzco: 2 nights
Lima: 1 night

Lima: 2 nights
Amazon: 2 nights
Sacred Valley: 2 nights
Machu Picchu: 1 night
Cuzco: 2 nights
Puno: 1 night
Colca Canyon: 1 night
Arequipa: 2 nights
Lima: 1 night

Lima: 2 nights
Sacred Valley: 2 nights
Cuzco: 2 nights
Lima: 1 night

Lima: 1 night
Cuzco: 2 nights
Mountain Lodges of Peru Trek: 6 nights
Sacred Valley: 2 nights
Lima: 1 night


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