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                                                                Volunteers  in Peru

Volunteer work in Peru
Conducted on

We are looking for volunteer from the different parts of the world to grow with Travel Company. If our goals, objective and way of life sounds interesting to you than contact us with your interest and experience.

Most of jobs would be Trekking/Travel team leader & office Clerks.

Please let us know if you are planning to work in Peru as a volunteer with Tourism Industry/Hospital/School.

Phone 5184-984625171 (Peru Office)
Email at: 

Volunteer Program in Peru
Volunteering is one of the most rewarding and heart felt things that you can do, not only for yourself but for the people you are helping along the way. In Peru, partaking in a volunteer program gives you a wonderful and unique opportunity to live with and interact with a local family, gaining a firsthand insight into the culture and customs of this Andean kingdom, not only that, but you get to play a firsthand role in aiding small communities in gaining an edge in education. It's often the case in rural areas that education is under funded and poor. By volunteering in one of the many schools we run these programs in, you are offering your teaching experience and your ability as an English speaker to help educate not only the children, but the teachers as well. Along your journey you will form many lifelong friends and memories that you will be able to tell your grandchildren about.

By donating your time and experience you are giving more than money or words can express, you will experience the joy in the children's faces and this will communicate to you more thanks than a thousand words could ever express.

The program
Week 1

Arrive in Cusco we will put you up in hotel with bed and breakfast. Your first week will be spent taking basic Peru classes and cultural education to prepare you for your home stay. You will also be taken sightseeing around the city.

Week 2-5
Placement time, we will take you to the area of your placement and introduce you to the family you will be staying with and to the school and its teachers. You will be given a teaching schedule.

Week 6
Bid farewell to the school and your host family and return to Cusco where you will take a 5 day program-2 days rafting and 4 days trekking in mountains around Machupicchu maybe take route Salkantay, Lares or Inca Trail, so you can relax after your experience and share your experiences with other volunteers.

What to expect
• The placements will be in remote areas, you will have your own room but the toilet will be outside and a squatter, also toilet paper may not be supplied so you should bring your own; you will be able to purchase it from the local store.
• You will be living with a traditional family you should respect their culture by always dressing appropriately, not drinking or smoking unless offered. Houses are communal places so don’t expect your room to be a private zone; other family members will be coming in and out a lot.
• It’s not common for rural houses to have shower or bath facilities. There will be places to wash in a river or at the local water pump. It's helpful if you bring along a sarong for bathing in. Doesn’t worry the lady of the house will show you how it's done? Also there will be no laundry services, you will be shown where and how to wash your clothes.
• The schools or villages may require you to walk some distance to reach them; you should have good basic fitness.
• The food will be simple, but you will not go Hungary. Be prepared to eat potatoes and plenty of it. It's not common for most families to eat meat regularly so the food is mostly vegetarian. It’s all fresh and healthy. Water for drinking can be brought in local villages, if not we will make sure you have a good supply. In some cases the water can be drinkable, or you can take tablets to treat it.
• In most cases you will be able to contact us any time by phone, we will check up on you regularly anyway, but don’t expect to find internet facilities.
The facilities may be basic and limited, but you should look upon this as an experience of a life time, to live with and experience how other people live and have lived for generation after generation. Not only are you offering your services as a teacher to the students, but this is a learning experience for you yourself.

What's included?
• During your placement you will live with a host family all your meals will be included
• In Cusco you will stay in a hotel with bed and breakfast
• Basic language course and cultural education about Peru and Cusco
• Sightseeing around Cusco
• All road transfers
• Two days rafting
• Three nights four days trekking
• Airport transfers

What to bring?
• Teaching aids and books are always useful.
• Pens, Pencils and paper
• Toiletries
• Clothes-
For ladies you should wear clothes that cover your shoulders and knees. in Peru and especially in rural schools, it’s not considered as appropriate to wear revealing clothing's, belly buttons, cleavage and low fitting jeans are defiantly not appropriate. In schools most Peruvian women wear either a Cusqueñan is a loose comfortable light fitting pant and dress like top. It's very easy and cheap to get them made in Peru.
Men- men should wear shirts and slacks, no shorts above the knees.
As the weather in Peru can be quite hot you should wear light, loose cotton clothing so you will be comfortable.
• First aid kit
• Copies of important documents-passport, insurance policy, birth certificate etc.
• Personal items-Walkman, iPod, diary
• Sturdy day pack and back pack
• Sturdy foot wear, one pair and light sandals or thongs
• Camera

We recommend you have basic teaching skills or are a student teacher but it's not necessary.
Must have a visa valid for your length of stay in Peru (we can assist you with extensions)

Please feel free to write us an email if you have any question about above information.
Contact us at,
Group PeruCusco.Com (Peru Trekking & Travel Agency)
P. O. Box 131 Calle del Medio Main Square Cusco
Phone: 5184-984625171 - 5184974372015


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