Social Contribution

Responsible Travel

Group Peru Cusco SAC., is not only profitable company but also we do fund raising organization dedicated to serve the people, was established with an aim of helping the needy people of remote areas especially for the children deprived of basic education. The company believes that happy individuals make happy societies, and Endeavour's to identify human problems. We strive to create a balance between human need & natural environment through various social welfare programs including educational and cultural activities.

Since its establishment, our company has been providing scholarship for the children of the disabled parents and regular volunteer services for the needy. We provide meals to undernourished children and books the students from poor background. TEA is committed to the community with firm belief in ethical values. TEA provides relief in the event of natural disasters, assists welfare organizations, supports various activities conducted in the vicinity of its business. We take delight in participating in social activities like building new schools, providing full bright scholarships, supporting environmental campaigns and looking after the welfare of every employee and their families. (O.G.N.D Turismo en Accion)

Our primary focus is to offer the best quality education to the needy and poor children and to make them competent & responsible members of the society. We emphasize on preventive measures to make people realize that ‘prevention is better than cure’. Since we understand the importance of good personal health for the good social health, we also conduct regular basic health check ups, childhood immunizations, & personal hygiene and sanitation awareness programs. We believe that we can provide qualitative services to the needy people and also help to control environmental pollution.

Charter for social contribution
•We take part in the well-being of society with all our activities guided by humanitarian beliefs and social ethics.
•We strive hard to improve the quality of people’s lives and usher more affluence & happiness in our society.
•We encourage cross-cultural exchanges among global communities and campaign on preserving global ecology to make our world a better place for our children.
•We devote ourselves to volunteer in social welfare services and share our benefits with society.
•We emphasize on educating the children in the remote areas.
•We aim to bring qualitative improvement in life standard of orphan children as well through better education, health facilities, & career prospects. -


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