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Peru Legal Services
Buying a house in Peru.
You need to sign a private contract which must be signed by a Peruvian lawyer. In general deposits are directly given to the seller. This is called “arras de retractación” if you have not yet reached a final agreement. If the seller does not sell the property to you he must give it back to you twice the deposit. If you do not want to sign the contract any more, the seller keeps de deposit.

Marriage Issues in Peru
According to Peruvian regulation, civil marriage must take place before the Major of the city of one of the parties. However, the major of the competent city can delegate his or her authority to the major of another city. Consequently, if there is such written delegation your marriage is totally valid. If not, you or your wife could have challenged your marriage within 6 months from the date it took place. It is also possible to “validate” your marriage.

Tourist purchase of car in Peru.
You only need to obtain a permit to sign contracts with DIGEMIN in Lima. It takes just about one hour to do so.

Double taxation in Peru
There is no agreement with the US to avoid double taxation. I will need to know the exact planned structure to give you a precise reply on the tax effects.

Income Tax in Peru
You say that you belong to tax payers of the fourth category income tax. You need to download the PDT from SUNAT and declare each month your income tax.

Working as Foreign Lawyer in Peru
If you want to register as lawyer in Peru, you will need to \"validate\" your law studies. You will need to have your degrees legalized by the Peruvian Consulate in your country and then get them translated into Spanish. In general, you will need the transcripts of your marks and the syllabus during all your law studies. Then, you will choose a university to do the process and you will sit some exams during a year. Only after that your degree will be recognized by the Asamblea National de Rectores. From my own experience I can tell that it takes time and you must study again but it is feasible.

Business Visa for Peru
It is almost sure that the Peruvian Consulate of your country will ask you another letter from the company even thought this document is not required in the migratory Peruvian Law.

Working as a Rentista in Peru
Please note that as a rentista you are not allowed to carry out any professional activity in Peru. However once you are a rentista you can modify your migratory status (cambio de calidad migratoria) provided that you meet the requirement of other migratory status, e.g., investor.

Dual Passport.
According to Peruvian authorities, your mother will have to pay a fine of 1 USD per day she stayed in Peru after the expiration of her visa since she entered Peru as a foreigner and she did not obtain a visa.

Work Permit in Peru
You need to get an authorization from the Labor Public Office and then you must apply for a work visa at DIGEMIN. Moreover you must meet some requirement related to you job and to the company. Before signing the contract you need a special permit to sign contracts that you can obtain a DIGEMIN four USD 50. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Foreign individuals may be the shareholders of the new company but they will need a permission to sign the company´s by-laws. In addition, there are many important issues when you set up a company (tax, labor, immigration) you must take into consideration. Do not hesitate to ask for professional advice.

Question about marrying a Peruvian
According to Peruvian legislation, they are unable to get married. If things get wrong, they may get divorced but they will need to ask for an exequatur decision before a court in order for the divorce to be recognized in the country where the divorce did not take place. Actually, this may be time consuming.

Rentista Visa
Tax Law and Immigration law work very often separately. As a rentista, according to Immigration Law you are not entitled to work in Peru. But, in the Peruvian immigration regulation there is not any express sanction in case you do it. However article 10 of the Decreto Supremo N°003-2005 that provides the legal framework for Rentista states that you may lose your rentista visa if “the legal grounds for granting you the visa” disappear. To my knowledge there is no case law in this field. But note that according to Tax Law you cannot obtain a RUC with a rentista visa. But tax regulation obliges you to pay tax if you work even though you are not allowed to do so according to Immigration Law. To conclude, there is some risk, not a significant one- to lose your rentista visa if you work. Note that this is a very delicate question.

Peruvian citizenship for offspring?
According to Peruvian immigration regulation, children that are not Peru-born are considered as Peruvian if one of his/her parents is a Peruvian citizen. Their birth must be registered with the Registry of Civil Status, Births Section, of the corresponding Peruvian Consulate before reaching legal age. You must provide with the following documentation: the original of the birth certificate of the minor delivered by the Vital Records Department of the State were your son was born, the Peruvian id of his father, a declaration in which you state that your son has not been registered in any other Peruvian Registry.

Split residency Peru / U.S.
If your wife is Peruvian she cannot apply for a visa. You may even buy property as a tourist as long as you have obtained a permission to sign contracts; also since your wife is Peruvian if she applies for a DNI she would be able to buy any kind of property.

Birth Certificate
Unfortunately in this case you will have to contact a friend, a lawyer or someone else you can trust, so he/she can help him getting the certified copy. Is important for you to know that some of the Civilian Record Offices (Oficinas de Registros Civiles) are know working in the National Registry of Identity and Civilian Status (RENIEC).


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