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  All the facts and tips about Peru we suggest you know before making your trip to Peru. Exchange rates, health services, security, embassies, customs, emergencies, medical assistance... Peru is a friendly country, but, as anywhere else, precautions are always important to take. Let's help you to find out how you can visit... More




Golf Tours Peru

Peru is a golfer's paradise. If you are fortunate enough to be a member or a guest, you very seldom have to request a tee time and can usually go off immediately. Otherwise, Andean Origins Golf Tour Operator will arrange a tee time for you. It never rains in Lima and Trujillo, seldom in Arequipa, and the weather is always perfect for golf with almost no wind. Classes are readily available with professional instructors. As long as Tiger, Arnold Palmer, and Jack Nicklaus don’t find out our secret, we should be able to enjoy our golfer's paradise for some time.

Peru boasts a lot of firsts and golf is no exception
Machu Picchu is the No. 1 Wonder of the World in the western hemisphere. Peru is the original home of the potato, the tomato, the largest corn grains; is first in the export of fish, fresh and frozen asparagus; it hosts 84 of the known 104 ecosystems in the world; has the largest mine in the world (Antamina); and has more varieties of hummingbirds just in the Machu Picchu reserve than the entire United States. The Sipán Lord treasures, housed in the spectacular Tumbas Reales museum in Lambayeque (in the Trujillo/ Chiclayo archaeological northern area), are as astonishing as the ones of Tut Ank Amon in Egipt, and the Titicaca lake, shared with Bolivia, is the highest commercially navigable lake in the world. The Amazon river is the longest in the world, and at the same time is the largest river by volume, with total river flow greater than all the other top ten largest rivers flowing into the ocean combined; it has its origins in the Mismi mount in the Arequipa highlands.

Golf Tours in Lima
Lima is rather sedate after all the aforementioned courses have been exhausted by the avid golfer looking for something he can’t get back in Palm Springs or Pebble Beach.
There are four 18 hole courses in the area including Lima Golf Club, Los Inkas Golf, La Planicie Country Club, and Club Villa on the Pacific ocean. There are also two good 9 hole courses along the Rimac river valley and the Andes foothills towards the always sunny Chaclacayo: Los Andes Golf Club in Huachipa and La Granja Azul Golf in Santa Clara.

Golf Tour in Arequipa
Arequipa, at 2,300m above sea level, is well-known as the "white city" because the sillar (white clay) is used for the construction of most of the colonial buildings and monuments. The city is splendidly located, in the shadow of three giant volcanoes. Chachani, at 6,075m is the highest, but it is the perfectly conical Misti that draws the attention.

Golf Tour in Iquitos Amazon
Located on the Amazon River, Iquitos is a mere 106 meters above sea level even though it is more than 3,000 km. from the mouth of the Amazon at Belem in Brazil, on the Atlantic Ocean. It is situated 125 km. downstream of the confluence of the Ucayali and Marañón rivers, the two main headwaters of the Amazon River.

Honeymoon tours in Peru Bolivia
Only 195 km. away from Lima along the quite spectacular Central Andean highway, La Oroya is a mining city of 30,000 inhabitants located at 3750 meters above sea level in the Peruvian Andes.


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