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  All the facts and tips about Peru we suggest you know before making your trip to Peru. Exchange rates, health services, security, embassies, customs, emergencies, medical assistance... Peru is a friendly country, but, as anywhere else, precautions are always important to take. Let's help you to find out how you can visit... More




Ecological Tours in Peru

Peru is doted with a rich diversity of animal and vegetal species, and Man has lived alongside them in a harmonious co-existence for thousands for years.

Species such as the condor, serpent and puma were worshipped by the ancient highlanders, who crafted their images into pottery and monuments during the rise of early civilizations, in homage to their beauty and power. Other species served as food or as raw materials for Man's creations.

Some animals even forged a relationship of interdependence that has lasted for thousands of years, a relationship maintained by Peruvians living outside the major cities. Peru's territory has also long kept hidden thousands of species that continue to amaze scientists from all over the world.

The most startling are the native species, due to their unique characteristics and beauty, and above all the way they have managed to adapt to Peru's difficult climate and geography.

Iquitos Ecological
Iquitos, the frontier jungle city that in the 19th Century turned from a small outpost to the most important port in the Amazon basin, earning cosmopolitan status during the so called “Rubber Boom.”
Puerto Maldonado Ecological
The jungle frontier town of Puerto Maldonado is located in the confluence of the Tambopata and Madre de Dios rivers, and is the jumping-off point to some of the most exciting wildlife viewing available on the planet.
Pucalpa Ecological
The jungle teems with dense green undergrowth, which is reflected in the many rivers and lakes that dot the region. Lake Yarinacocha, just minutes from Pucallpa, is an ideal spot for rest and recreation. The area features jungle lodges where visitors can practice water sports such as water skiing, swimming, rowing and sports fishing in the clear waters.
Peru Ecological Tours
It is by now common knowledge that Peru is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of tourist resources, not just because of the priceless archaelogical remains that abound in our country, but also because of its share of the Amazon River basin.

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