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  All the facts and tips about Peru we suggest you know before making your trip to Peru. Exchange rates, health services, security, embassies, customs, emergencies, medical assistance... Peru is a friendly country, but, as anywhere else, precautions are always important to take. Let's help you to find out how you can visit... More




Embassies  in  Peru  

Embassy of Argentina Av. 28 de Julio 828, Lima(51-1) 433-9966
Embassy of Austria Av. Central 643, piso 5, San Isidro (51-1) 442-0503
Embassy of Belgium Av. Angamos Oeste 380 Miraflores (51-1) 241-7566
Embassy of Bolivia Los Castaños 235, San Isidro (51-1) 442-3836
Embassy of Brazil Av. José Pardo 850, Miraflores (51-1) 421-5660
Embassy of Canada Calle Libertad 130, Miraflores (51-1) 444-4015
Embassy of Colombia Av. Jorge Basadre 1580, San Isidro (51-1) 441-0530
Embassy of Costa Rica Av. Emilio Cavenecia 175,Of. 6,Miraflores (51-1) 440-6932 / 440-9982
Embassy of Cuba Coronel Portillo 110, San Isidro (51-1) 264-2037 / 264-2087
Embassy of Chile Av. Javier Prado Oeste 790, San Isidro (51-1) 221-2080
Embassy of China Jr. Jose Grande 150, San Isidro (51-1) 442-9458 / 442-9466
Embassy of the Czech Republic Baltazar La Torre 398, San Isidro (51-1) 264-3374
Embassy of the Dominican Republic: Av. 28 de Julio 779, Piso 2Lima (51-1) 433-2856
Embassy of Ecuador: Las Palmeras 356, San Isidro (51-1) 440-9991/440-9941
Embassy of Egypt: Av. Jorge Basadre 1470, San Isidro (51-1) 440-2642
Embassy of El Salvador: Miguel Dasso 117, Piso 10, San Isidro (51-1) 440-7654
Embassy of the European Union: Manuel Gonzales Olaechea 247,San Isidro (51-1) 422-1721
Embassy of Finland Av. Paz Soldán 190, San Isidro (51-1) 222-4480
Embassy of France Av. Arequipa 3415, San Isidro (51-1) 221-7792/221-7177
Embassy of Germany Av. Arequipa 4210, Miraflores (51-1) 422-4919/424-0161
Embassy of Great Britain Natalio Sanchez 125, Piso 12 Lima (51-1) 433-5032 - 433-8916
Embassy of Greece Av. Principal 190, Piso 6, Sta Catalina, La Victoria (51-1) 476-1548
Embassy of Guatamala Calle Inca Ripac 309, Jesus Maria
Embassy of Honduras Av. Larco 930 Of.901, Miraflores (51-1) 444-2345
Embassy of India Av. Salaverry 3006, Magdalena del Mar (51-1) 460-2289
Embassy of Israel Natalio Sanchez 125, Piso 6 Lima (51-1) 433-4431
Embassy of Italy Av. Gregorio Escobedo 298, Jesús María (51-1) 463-2727
Embassy of Japan Av. San Felipe 356, Jesus Maria (51-1) 463-000
Embassy of South Korea Av. Principal 190, Piso 7, Sta Catalina, La Victoria (51-1) 476-0815
Embassy of North Korea Los Nogales 227, San Isidro (51-1) 441-1120
Embassy of Malaysia Calle 41, N 894, Urb. Corpac, San Isidro (51-1) 225-6699
Embassy of Morocco Calle 41, N 894, Urb. Corpac, San Isidro (51-1) 225-6699
Embassy of the Netherlands Av. Principal 190, Piso 4, Sta.Catalina, La Victoria
(51-1) 476-1069
Embassy of Nigaragua Pasaje Los Pinos 156, Dpto.202, Miraflores
(51-1) 445-9274
Embassy of Panama Av. Coronel Portillo 571, San Isidro (51-1) 440-4874
Embassy of Paraguay Calle Libertad 116, Piso 24, Miraflores
Embassy of Poland Av. Salaverry 1978, Jesus Maria (51-1) 471-3925
Embassy of Portugal Av. Central 643, Piso 4, San Isidro (51-1) 440-9905
Embassy of Romania Av. Jorge Basadre 690, San Isidro (51-1) 440-9396
Embassy of Russia Av. Salaverry 3424, San Isidro (51-1) 264-1170
Embassy of Slovakia Av. Angamos Oeste 1626, San Isidro (51-1) 221-2586
Embassy of Spain Carlos Porras Osores 360, San Isidro (51-1) 421-2423
Embassy of Sweden Av. Camino Real 348, San Isidro (51-1) 421-3400
Embassy of Switzerland Av. Salaverry 3240, San Isidro (51-1) 264-0305
Embassy of United States Av. La Encalada s/n cdra. 17, Surco
(51-1) 434-3000
Embassy of Uruguay Av. Larco 1013, Of. 201, Miraflores (51-1) 446-2047/447-5065
Embassy of Venezuela Av. Arequipa 298, Santa Beatriz (51-1) 433-5700
Embassy of Yugoslavia Carlos Porras Osores 360, San Isidro (51-1) 421-2423

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