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Mystical Sacred Temples Tour in Peru
( 11 days and 10 nights )
On this spiritual excursion you will visit Lima, Cusco, Sacred Temples, Pisaq, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, Puno, Lake Titicaca, Amaru Muru, Chucuito, and Juliaca. Rituals and Ceremony with Shamas.

Intineray Day by Day:(B)= breakfast / (L)= lunch / (D)= dinner
Cost by person in Double Occupancy  US$ 3,870 Each One.  Minimum 2 people

Day 1: Arrival Lima.
Upon arrival at Lima Airport, you will be met and transferred to the Miraflores District for overnight accommodation in your selected hotel.

Day 2: Lima – Cusco. (B)
Transfer to the airport for our 1-hour flight to Cusco over the spectacular Andes Mountains. As we fly into Cusco, colorful ancient capital of the Inca Empire, we are greeted by the towering "Apus" (mountain spirits) with their shimmering caps of snow. Meet our Guide and transfer to our hotel in the heart of the city. Time to rest to adjust to the change in altitude. Late afternoon Introductory meeting. Lecture - Our Master Shaman: The Magic and Mystery of the Incas. Followed by our "Welcome to Peru" dinner of traditional Peruvian cuisine at a local restaurant. Overnight Cusco.

Day 3: Cusco – Sacred Temples. (B) (L)
After a buffet breakfast we depart for a tour of the fascinating history of Cusco. Our first stop is Tambo Machay, the private fountains/baths of the Incan nobles and priests. Using the sacred water element Unu from the eternal fountain, Jorge and Mark will lead the group in a traditional ceremony to cleanse ourselves energetically. In addition, we will be blessed by a visit from our brothers, the Q'ero Elders, ritual specialists considered to be the last remaining descendents of the Incas, who will perform a sacred ritual to ask the apus (sacred mountains of the area) to bless each person during our magical journey. Afterwards we'll have time for meditation and reflection on our own as we receive and integrate the powerful healing energies. We then continue to Sacsayhuaman, where you will see some of the most amazing Inca architecture - walls made of giant megalithic stones, fitted together perfectly without any mortar! Cusco was originally laid out in the shape of a puma, the totem animal of the Kay Pacha, the middle world in Inca cosmology. Sacsayhuaman was the puma's head, and the zigzag walls at this amazing site represent the teeth, as well as the path of the lightning, a revered earth elemental for the Incas. Here, Jorge and Mark will lead the group in a mystical ceremony to align with the dynamic nature of the Puma to help us connect more fully with our personal power. Then we're off to the Temple of the Moon, also known by the shamen in the area as the Temple of the Serpent, to focus on aligning with the reflective nature of the Serpent, the totem animal of the UcuPacha, the Lower World. In this small cave, you will have the opportunity to connect with the healing feminine energies of the loving and nurturing Pachamama, the Mother Earth herself and to know yourself as her Child. Return to Cusco. Lunch on your own. Free time this afternoon and evening to visit the colonial cathedrals, archaeology or art museum or shop in the traditional marketplace. Dinner on your own. Mark and Jorge will be available to accompany the group to one of the local restaurants, or you can eat in the hotel's delightful dining room. Overnight Cusco.

Day 4: Cusco – Pisaq – Ollantaytambo. (B) (L)
You might want to wake up early this morning to meditate and welcome in the sun's healing rays. After breakfast we check out of the hotel and depart Cusco to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, nested between the majestic snow-covered apus and fed by the waters of the sacred Urubamba River. We drive into the nearby hills to the ancient solar observatory at Pisac and enter the site through the ancient Temple of the Condor. Ronald and Agripino will lead the group in a sacred ceremony to invoke within us the power of the Condor, totem of the HananPacha, the Upper World. We then walk along the winding trail, full of magnificent vistas of the hills and valleys below, to the most sacred area of the site, the ancient Sun Temple, where we enjoy a knowledgeable tour of the site with Jorge and Mark. We then walk down to our bus and drive into the village of Pisac, where we enjoy a nutritious lunch of traditional Peruvian dishes at one of the local restaurants, followed by time to shop in its traditional Andean marketplace full of colorful clothing, handicrafts, locally grown produce and fresh-baked bread. Afterwards we continue to Ollantaytambo, the Sanctuary of the Wind, an Inca fortress/temple that is one of the most impressive in Peru. First, we visit the royal baths/fountains and perform a shamanic energy cleansing ceremony led by Jorge, using Unu, the Water element. Then we walk beside the nearby gurgling little river to an area of the site that is not visited by many people - the Temple of the Condor for a time of silent meditation and reflection. Finally we end our afternoon at the main altar area of the temple, where we receive our blessings from Wayra, Wind - the guardian of the site. As the sun is setting we depart the temple and check into our nearby hotel. Evening is free for dinner on your own in the hotel restaurant and for preparing for our journey tomorrow to Machu Picchu! Overnight Ollantaytambo.

Day 5: Ollantaytambo - Machu Picchu. (B) (L)
You might want to get up early and take a walk in the flower-filled garden of the hotel, for a time of peace and solitude. After our early breakfast, we walk around the corner to the train station and board the train to Machu Picchu. We travel alongside the wild Urubamba River deep into the mountain valleys of the high jungle on our approximate 2-hour trip. We arrive at Aguas Calientes, the small village at the base of Machu Picchu and quickly check-in at hotel. Then we're finally on our way. We take the bus up to Machu Picchu, the 8th Wonder of the World. You're finally here, at one of the most mysterious places on earth. We have a group tour this morning with Ronald, Agripino and a professional guide from the site. We visit the Temples of the Sun & Moon, the Temple of the Condor, the Temple of the Three Windows and finally the world-famous spiritual center of the site, the Intihuatana, or the Hitching Post of the Sun. Full of the sacred energies we take a break and have another delicious buffet lunch at the on-site hotel, accompanied by the joyful music of local Andean musicians. After lunch we re-enter the Sanctuary with Jorge and Mark for a special Andean Shamanic Ceremony. Our day ends in the dying light of the late afternoon as we return to Aguas Calientes. Time for a leisurely soak in the local hot springs and a satisfying dinner on your own. Overnight Machu Picchu/Aguas Calientes.

Day 6: Machu Picchu – Cusco. (B) (L)
We return to Machu Picchu very early morning in order to have the auspicious opportunity to greet the sun, just as the Incas did in the ancient past. We will gather in an area that is not visited by many tourists and from which we will be able to see Taytay Inti, Father Sun, as He peeks over the surrounding apus. Open your arms! Open your heart! Receive the healing energies into your body, mind and spirit! Afterwards, you might like to climb the towering sister peak of Huayna Picchu (Young Peak) or, say your last good-byes on your own. Lunch on your own. We board the afternoon train to Cusco and arrive early evening at our hotel. The evening is free for rest, relaxation, exploration, and/or shopping and dinner on your own. Overnight Cusco.

Day 7: Cusco – Puno. (B) (L)
After an early breakfast we check out of our hotel and depart Cusco on our private bus south along the sacred Urubamba River, through the altiplano, or high plains. We stop at the Temple of Wiracocha, believed by some experts to be one of the most important of Peru's ancient temples! Box Lunch provided. We continue to the mysterious site of Sillustani, with its circular burial towers, overlooking beautiful Lake Umayo. Jorge and Mark will lead the group in a traditional ritual to connect with the Pachamama. Continue south through Puno, port city on Lake Titicaca and to the nearby quiet village of Chucuito, arriving early evening at our hotel overlooking the beautiful shores of Lake Titicaca. We are now in the heart of the Andean feminine energy - the powerful MamaCocha (Mother Lake). Free time to settle in before our group dinner. Overnight Chucuito/Lake Titicaca.

Day 8: Puno – Lake Titicaca. (B) (L)
Take time to get up early this morning, draw your curtains and commune with the magnificent sunrise over the Mother Lake. After our early buffet breakfast we board our bus and travel to the shores of the Lake where we board our private launch and motor out onto the tranquil waters of the Mama Cocha to the Uros Floating Islands, made of the totora reed that grows in the Lake and named after the Uros people who inhabit them. Here we receive a warm welcome from these friendly island dwellers and an opportunity to support their meager economy by purchasing their richly colored hand embroidered tapestries and rugs. We return to the hotel for lunch. In the afternoon you will have the optional opportunity to experience traditional Andean Coca Leaf Readings with our sister Sra. Judith Pihra, a local Aymara curandera (healer) or our brother Sr. Maria, a local Quechua shaman. Group dinner at the hotel. Overnight Chucuito/Lake Titicaca.

Day 9: Puno – Amaru Muru – Chucuito. (B) (BL)
We arise today before the first rays of the sun appear on the horizon. On this most sacred day in the Andean World - Winter Solstice, the time when the ancient Incas believed the Sun returned to bless the earth and her people with another year of life, a very joyous event! We depart by bus to Aramu Muru's Doorway. Upon arrival we sit in the Inca's Sun Seat that faces the Lake to connect with its nurturing feminine energies. Then we walk along a large rock formation in the shape of a serpent and puma the rock to connect with the energies of the Lower and Middle Worlds. Then through a wonderland of strange natural rock formations, pass by the mysterious Valley of the Spirits and finally trek down to the Doorway. Jorge and Mark will lead the group in a special Solstice Ceremony and Meditation. Open your heart to welcome the return of Taytay Inti, the life-giving force, as the Andean people have done for thousands of years. Special Offering: Jorge and Mark will invite you to receive initiation into the Brotherhood of the Solar Disc, the Andean esoteric society dedicated to the continued sharing of the Unconditional Love and whose symbol is the Golden Disc from Lemuria. Many ancient legends say that is was an extraordinary power object brought to the Andes many thousands of years ago by the Lemurian sages Aramu Muru and his consort Arama Mara. The high frequency energy that it emitted could elevate the energy of any person or object that came within its energy field to induce healing on all levels. The Spanish chroniclers ecorded that they actually saw it in the Coricancha in Cusco when they arrived, but then shortly afterwards it disappeared. Stories abound as to where the Incas took it, where it is today and what its role is during the Pachacuti. Many people, including Jorge and Mark, believe that it was taken to Lake Titicaca, where it resides today, on etheric levels, energetically calling serious spiritual seekers to come and connect with its powerful energies. Will you do so, will you commit to further open your heart and share love with all those in your life? Later in the morning we return to Chucuito for lunch and free time to rest and integrate. In the afternoon we drive to the mysterious site of Cotimbo, with its circular burial towers or chullpas, where we will see some of the most ancient architecture in all of the Andes - carvings on the chullpas of serpents and pumas, guardians of the lower and middle worlds, worshipped by the Inca and pre-Inca inhabitants. Jorge and Mark will lead the group in a Healing Ritual inside one of the towers. Return to hotel. In the evening we will have a very enjoyable Solstice Celebration Party! The local people from the village and their children will be our guests. So put on your best smile, open your heart some more and get ready to have fun at our "Farewell to Peru" Dinner, complete with traditional Andean musicians and dancers. Overnight Chucuito/Lake Titicaca.

Day 10: Chucuito – Puno – Juliaca – Lima. (B)
On our last morning at the Mother Lake you have free time to finish packing and/or do any last minute shopping. We check out of the hotel late morning. We then continue to Juliaca and board our flight to Lima, arriving later in the afternoon. We're met by our transfer personnel and taken to hotel.

Day 11: Lima – Home. (B)
Breakfast, then transfer to the airport and your flight home or continue with next destination.
End Our Services.

All transfers.
Tours as described.
All meals.
Private guiding and assistance.
All camping equipment.
◦Excursions and sightseeing as detailed in the itinerary
◦International and domestic air fares

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